Lesson & Activity Kit Lending Library-  FREE to borrow

Get your students excited about learning with real, hands on activities! Our education activity kits include lessons on scat, tracks, birding, and more! Our lesson and activity kits have everything you need for each interactive learning experience. Kits are FREE to borrow, and we generally lend them out for a week at a time.

If you would like to borrow a kit, just download our request form below and contact us atcarolyn.byers@madisonaudubon.org .

Binoculars & Bird Guides for Kids

This kit contains 10 pairs of binoculars, 2 copies of the field guide Birds of North America, 10 copies of Madison Audubon Society's Bird Guide for Kids, 1 lens cloth, and 1 duffel bag. Great for taking students on nature walks around their neighborhood!

Mammal Scat Identification Kit

This kit contains a collection of scat replicas to teach your students about identifying Wisconsin mammals with the clues they leave behind! Ideal for nature studies and animal ID projects, this kit is always popular!

Bird & Mammal Track Identification Kit

This kit contains reproductions of the fore and hind feet of wildlife, making it possible for you and your students to learn how to identify a wide variety of Wisconsin birds and wildlife! The replicas can be used to make tracks in sand, or with washable paints. 

Bird Beak Buffet Kit

Learn about the unique adaptations of different bird beaks with this unique activity kit.

Hunger Cranes Game Kit

Learn about the challenges of finding adequate food when you're a bird! May the odds be ever in your favor.


Habitat Scramble Kit

This game helps students understand unique habitat needs and the consequences of habitat loss.

Mammal Skull Kit

This kit contains the skulls of a coyote, fisher, beaver, muskrat, and white-tailed deer, photographs of each animal, and a lesson plan. 

Mammal Fur Kit

This kit contains study skins of a bobcat, raccoon, fisher, and river otter, photos of each animal, and a lesson plan. 

Migration Obstacle Course Kit

This energetic game teaches students the challenges that face our migrating birds.

To request a lesson kit, download our lesson kit request form (below) and contact us by calling (608) 255-2473 or emailing carolyn.byers@madisonaudubon.org.

Banner photo: students at Goodman Community Center on a field trip with Madison Audubon. Photo by Rebecca Ressl.