You don't need to travel very far to find amazing birds - often, they're right in our backyards.

If you want to encourage feathered visitors on your own property, there are lots of ways to make your yard, home, or apartment more bird-friendly. Below are some of our favorite resources.

A ruby-throated hummingbird visits a native cardinal flower.  Photo courtesy USFWS

A ruby-throated hummingbird visits a native cardinal flower. Photo courtesy USFWS

Birdscaping your yard

Birdscaping is landscaping for the birds! With thoughtful plant choices (we love varieties that are native to Wisconsin), you can make your outdoor spaces (no matter how big or small) better for our feathered friends.

Feeding Birds

Northern cardinal eating sunflower seed.  Photo by Phil Brown

Northern cardinal eating sunflower seed. Photo by Phil Brown

Feeding birds in our own backyards can bring us a lot of joy - but make sure you're doing your best to provide quality sources of nutrition for your backyard visitors! Here are some tips on bird feeding best-practices.

Blue jays and other birds love peanuts!  Photo by Jamie McCaffrey

Blue jays and other birds love peanuts! Photo by Jamie McCaffrey

Avoiding Window Collisions

While bringing birds to our backyards can be incredibly joyful, it's important to make sure you're not introducing them to other risks, including our own windows and buildings. Learn about different ways to avoid window collisions from National Audubon.

Attracting Breeding Birds

Your backyard can be a great place for a breeding birds to build their nests. Providing nest boxes for birds is a great way to help them raise successful broods. 

Banner photo by Phil Brown, Flickr Creative Commons