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Wisconsin has the second-highest number of birdwatchers in the nation, so it's only natural that there's a strong community of passionate folks willing to help with your birding questions in our state! Here are our go-to local resources.

Black-crowned night heron.  Photo by Arlene Koziol

Black-crowned night heron. Photo by Arlene Koziol

  • Wisconsin Birding and Birding Wisconsin Facebook groups
    These are online communities of thousands of Wisconsin citizens who love to photograph, identify, and share their birding adventures. Have an ID question? This is a great place to ask a group of regional enthusiasts and experts! NOTE: There are two groups, both are a fantastic resource, and both have specific rules and guidelines for participation in the community.

  • Wisconsin Naturalists and Badger State Naturalists Facebook groups
    These groups function like the birding Facebook groups above, but for all organisms besides birds (including plants, insects, fish, mammals, and more)

  • Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II Project
    This is an ongoing research project documenting the breeding status of Wisconsin's bird species. To find out more, or to view the WBBAI results, visit the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology website. There's also an active Facebook Group for those working on (or following the progess of) the WBBAII project.

  • Wisconsin Young Birders Club
    A new organization aiming to connect Wisconsin's next generation of bird enthusiasts. Open to all experience levels, ages 10-18 across the entire state.



These cutting edge resources give you all of the information you need, at your fingertips on your mobile device.

Banner photo by Emily Meier