Explore the great prairies, oak savannas, and wetlands as they once were and now are again, thanks to the many hands that worked to restore this land and donors who supported it! As a nationally-accredited land trust, Madison Audubon purchases land, restores it to the habitat it would have been prior to pioneers settling here, and maintains the habitat for birds, plants, insects, mammals, amphibians, and more. These places become buzzing with life in just months of beginning restoration work!

And the end product is fabulous. Join us at our two wildlife sanctuaries listed below, as well as related properties we own and manage, which are free to visit any day of the year during daylight hours. We welcome individuals of all walks of life, sexual orientation and identification, ethnicity, ability, religion, age, and economic status. Enjoy the many species and habitats found in these places!


Arlington, Wisconsin
(35 minutes north of Madison)

A 660-acre matrix of tallgrass prairie and wetland awaits you at Goose Pond Sanctuary. This collection of remnant and restored habitats is centered around the iconic Goose Pond, a State Natural Area, an Important Birding Area, a Watchable Wildlife Area, and is a waypoint on the Great Wisconsin Birding and Nature Trail. Join us for a stroll on our 12 miles of trails, or sit at the pond to watch the birds, listen to the frogs, and chuckle at the muscrats.

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Lake Mills, Wisconsin
(35 minutes east of Madison)

Prairie, savanna, wetland, and woodland found here are home to incredible diversity. The landscape is defined by a delicate interplay of geology, climate, fire, and human activity and as a result, it has created a gorgeous and complex collection of habitats. You can expect to find to meadowlarks, wood ducks, Blanding’s turtles, and so much more in these remnant and restored landscapes.

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