Join the 119th Christmas Bird Count!

Madison-Area Christmas Bird Count: Dec. 15, 2018

Cedar waxwing feasts on berries in winter. Photo by Monica Hall

Cedar waxwing feasts on berries in winter. Photo by Monica Hall

Madison is home to thousands of bird-lovers, just like you. The annual Christmas Bird Count is one of the best ways to meet other enthusiastic bird-watchers and help collect important data about birds in the Madison area at the same time!

The Christmas Bird Count, held annually throughout North America between mid-December and early-January, works to take a snapshot of which bird species are found where during the winter season. Bird watchers count the number and individuals of species over a 24 hour period, and turn all of those data into National Audubon. This project is important for estimating distributions and populations, and find oddities in nature (e.g., what is that clay-colored sparrow doing in Wisconsin in December?). It is considered to be the longest-running formal citizen science project in the nation, now in it’s 119th year!

Because Madison is so large and spread out around the lakes, the count circle is broken down into 23 areas, and each area has a captain to coordinate volunteers and survey areas. After 60+ years of volunteers coordinating this big undertaking, Madison Audubon now coordinates the Madison-area count overall and compiles all of the data to submit to National Audubon. Wisconsin hosts more than 100 Christmas Bird Count circles all over the state β€” see the full list here. Volunteers can either head out to the field with their area captains, or tally up birds that come to your feeder. Either way, please fill out the form below to participate.

We would love your help in counting birds on December 15 around Madison! Please complete the form below, and CBC coordinator Brenna Marsicek will be in touch to connect you with an area captain near you.

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Brenna Marsicek - Madison Audubon director of communications & Madison-area CBC coordinator
   Phone: 608-255-2473


Banner photo by Carolyn Byers