Bird Count

The birds at Goose Pond Sanctuary welcomed the first day of spring on a beautiful day.

Photography Credits: Arlene Koziol

Photography Credits: Arlene Koziol

A bird count along Prairie Land and Goose Pond Road found 570 tundra swans, 300 Canada geese, 80 canvasbacks, 36 greater white-fronted geese, 30 snow geese, 10 sandhill cranes, and 2 gobblers walking along the wetland.  Many more white-fronts and Canada geese were feeding in the surrounding picked corn fields when the count was conducted and were not included.

Other species present included northern pintails, northern shovelers, green-winged teal, lesser scaup, and ring-necked ducks. 

Last week, a merlin was present at Goose Pond.  American kestrels are also common this spring.

Written by Mark and Sue Foote-Martin, Goose Pond Resident Managers.