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Field trip with LaFollette High School AP English Class

Date: Thursday, May 4, 2017

Location: TBD, but it will be a local Madison park like the Arboretum or Cherokee Marsh

Time: Approximately 12:30 – 3:30 p.m. (exact time TBD)

Number of volunteers needed: 4

Come join us for a day of relaxation and exploration at a local Madison park. Approximately 40 – 70 high school students will be retreating into nature with us to recover from their exhausting advanced placement exam schedule. This will be the second year we’re doing this trip, and it was a huge success last year!

Volunteers will lead groups of about 15 students on a nature relaxation activity. Each activity will last about a half hour, and you will repeat it about three times during the trip. Last year, activities included a bird walk with binoculars, a quiet solo-sit and reflect in a prairie, and a silent hike through the woods. Last year’s students were shocked at the difference a few hours spent in nature can make: many had not realized how very stressed they were until they relaxed in the woods.

We’re hoping to find 4 volunteers for this event. We can provide all of the training you would need to teach your lessons, and you can choose which lesson you would teach!

Contact Carolyn Byers, MAS Director of Education at or call 608-255-2473 for more information.

** MAS can provide some transportation between campus and the event location**