Birders SHARE BIG for 2016 Giving Day

On March 1, Madison Audubon participated in the 2nd Annual BIG SHARE, an online giving day for non-profits working to build a more just, sustainable Wisconsin.

The Big Share was hosted by Community Shares of Wisconsin (CSW), which also organizes workplace giving campaigns and facilitates the popular CHIP giving program at the Willy Street Co-op. Madison Audubon Society is a member group of CSW and benefits from its services.

Our staff and board would like to thank all 109 individuals who donated during the 2016 Big Share. Bird and education enthusiasts showed their support for MAS all day, but really came through during the lunchtime "Power Hour" as the organization vied for a $500 prize for the most unique donations during the hour. 

Donor's answer to our call for donations for birds, nature-based education, and habitat protection really were remarkable. MAS was able to raise over $5,500, including our $500 "power hour" prize and our match from the MAS board of directors during the one-day event.

Overall, The Big Share raised over a quarter-million dollars for non-profits in Wisconsin. If you'd like to find out more about the annual giving event, check out this article in the Capitol Times.

It is incredibly energizing and empowering to see so many people give on one day to Wisconsin's birds. We appreciate your continuing support and look forward to staying in touch with you about all of the great work we'll be able to do for our birds thanks to your generosity!