Streamlined membership: simple is better!

Changes in our membership structure make it easier than ever to support local conservation here in south-central Wisconsin.

Changes in our membership structure make it easier than ever to support local conservation here in south-central Wisconsin.

Madison Audubon and National Audubon, in addition to sharing a mission to conserve and protect natural ecosystems, have long shared membership through what is known as a One Audubon membership. It’s a simple idea—anyone who joins one organization automatically becomes a member of the other.

Think globally (or at least hemispherically); act locally.
Your One Audubon membership is a terrific deal. For a contribution of $20 or more to National Audubon, you receive five issues of the acclaimed Audubon magazine, and you're part of a major conservation network with hemispheric reach, protecting birds and their habitats throughout their ranges, from Argentina to Canada.

As one of more than 3100 members of Madison Audubon, you can also get your hands dirty (literally or figuratively) fighting the good fight close to home in our eight-county service area—protecting land, supporting nature-based educational programming and field trips for all ages, and advocating for sound environmental policies.

So what’s changing?
In order to minimize the number of renewal notices you receive and to simplify processing, Madison Audubon now encourages all One Audubon members to renew their memberships through National at or by calling 844-428-3826. National will let you know when it’s time to renew. If you would like a Madison Audubon membership only, please renew using the gift form in your newsletter, or right here online.

For local-only members (those who opt not to receive National Audubon mailings) we are also replacing the multiple categories of membership formerly available through Madison Audubon with a single membership. Give just $20 or more to Madison Audubon, and you will enjoy a local-only membership for you or your household.

What do my membership fees and contributions support?
When your renew your One Audubon membership through National Audubon, Madison Audubon receives a small portion of the basic membership fee, although this amounts to less than 3% of our local operating budget. Any additional contribution you make when renewing through National supports National Audubon programming.

Madison Audubon relies on contributions from members made directly to our office for the large majority of our funding, so in addition to renewing your Audubon memberships, please consider contributing directly to our organization either via mail or online.

We appreciate all you do and hope these new changes will make it easier to be a part of such a great community of conservationists. Thanks, as always, for being a part of the flock!  

- The Madison Audubon Board of Directors 

Welcome to our new site!

You spoke, we listened! We hope you'll enjoy our new website.  Eastern meadowlark photo by Phil Brown.

You spoke, we listened! We hope you'll enjoy our new website. Eastern meadowlark photo by Phil Brown.

Madison Audubon members: You spoke and we listened!

In order to better serve our amazing members, and better tell our story to those who aren't (yet!) members, we've redesigned our site with YOU in mind.

Our new space is structurally simpler, but more visually engaging (to better show off the birds and beautiful places we all love). The new site also has fully responsive design (so you can see everything clearly on your iPad, mobile phone, or desktop) and simplified navigation (yep, the menus on our last site drove us crazy, too).

Here are some great features of the new site that you should know about:

Please know that we're still working on building out sections of the site and bringing over content from the old site to the new one (like our Featured Sanctuary Birds and other news updates) so if you can't find something at the moment, check back regularly or use our fancy new search function! Additionally, all of our web work is being done in-house now, so you can leave a comment on this post, or contact us directly if you have questions on content, and idea for a great story for our new blog, or see an issue that needs to be fixed. You can reach us at

I've enjoyed the process of creating this new site - the team here at Madison Audubon is excited to make it a more user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing place to visit.  Please let us know if there's anything else we can do to make a great place for you to learn and be inspired by our amazing natural world here in south-central Wisconsin!

Happy birding -

Emily Meier
Director of Communications & Outreach