Wingspan: Fully funded and foundationally set!

While orange fencing, gray tarps, and bare ground are not the usual view in Bicentennial Prairie, this is a sight made beautiful by what it signifies. Tucked into the hillside overlooking Goose Pond is physical proof that many people know and love this sanctuary and those who tend it, and are creating something special to honor them.

We are delighted to share that nearly 100 donors have helped us reach our fundraising goal of $50,000! Because of all of you, the Wingspan observation pavilion will become a reality and a welcoming place for generations to come. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

On site, concrete footings have been poured, and the first of three sets of columns are scheduled for installation this week. The shades are being fabricated as we speak, and the solid oak slabs for the benches are in hand. We are preparing signage, and beginning to plan the dedication ceremony. Even the prairie seems ready, with its incredible show of flowers and abundance of birds and insects.


Through all of this hustle and bustle, Mark Martin and Susan Foote-Martin continue their dedicated work on the land at Goose Pond Sanctuary. They're graduating interns, controlling invasives, counting butterflies, and conducting outreach. Your support and respect for these humble and wonderful land managers are well founded.

Everyone is welcome to visit the Wingspan site at Goose Pond (follow the path up and to the left of the kiosk), and see the fruits of your generosity.

The Wingspan Committee

John Kaiser, Galen Hasler, Brenna Marsicek, Roger Packard, Matt Reetz, Don Schmidt, and Topf Wells, in collaboration with Mark Martin and Susan Foote-Martin