We're seeking candidates for our Board of Directors

Bee on pale purple coneflower.  Photo by Carolyn Byers

Bee on pale purple coneflower. Photo by Carolyn Byers

This fall, the Madison Audubon nominating committee will consider candidates for inclusion on the 2017 ballot for board of directors and seeks your suggestions.

Madison Audubon members recently approved a change to the organization's by-laws, permitting the expansion of the board from nine to as many as 15 directors, so we can consider more candidates than usual!

If you or someone you know could contribute positively to the oversight and development of the organization and would be willing to serve, please communicate this to the committee by calling (608) 255-2473, or emailing info@madisonaudubon.org with names and qualifications of potential candidates.

The Madison Audubon team