Prairie Partner Intern 2015

Graduated University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2013

Current position: Conservation Specialist, Natural Heritage Land Trust (Madison, WI)

Favorite memory of the program: The day I decided to welcome sweat. Until then, my clothes felt gross, my socks sloshed in my boots, and the days crawled along forever. Wet socks are still a drag, but liberating myself from that brain trap allowed me to enjoy working hard and relish the long summer days in the prairie.

Impact of the program on your academic and/or career path: My internship kindled the land ethic I grew up with. Immediately following that summer, I was fortunate to work for two years as the Goose Pond land steward. Today, I work for another Prairie Partner: Natural Heritage Land Trust.

How you used what you learned in the internship in future employment: Not only did the internship foster MY land and sweat ethic, I have been involved in the hiring and supervising of the four intern crews since, which allows me to share my experiences and tips for success.