Prairie Partner Intern 2013

Graduated University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2013

Current position: Research Assistant/Graduate Student, Chicago Botanic Garden & Northwestern University (Chicago, IL)

Favorite memory of the program: Surveying the one of the largest Lespedeza leptopstachya (prairie bush clover) populations at Westport Drumlin prairie!

Impact of the program on your academic and/or career path: The restoration ecology internship helped to shape the focus of my graduate research at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Though my research is rooted in theoretical ecology, my experience as a MAS intern helped guide my work into a more applicable framework. As such, the objectives of my research are to contribute to the understanding of ecological principles while also providing concrete results that will help to improve restoration outcomes.

How you used what you learned in the internship in future employment: The internship provided me with a land-manager's prospective of restoration projects. That experience was helpful in shaping my current work bridging the gap between practitioners and academics.