Snow Geese

We are fortunate to have a flock of 17 snow geese visiting Goose Pond since October 22nd. On the water the flock (16 snows and 1 blue goose) is easy to pick out within the larger number of waterfowl including 3,000 Canada geese and 2,000 mallards.  Snow and blue geese use to be listed as two species, but in 1972, they were combined into one species. The blue morph Snow Goose is controlled by a single gene, with dark color being partially dominant over white.

Greater White-Fronted Goose

This spring, there has been excellent opportunity for viewing greater white-fronted geese at our Goose Pond Sanctuary. Also known as “speckled-bellies,” these geese are visiting the Empire Prairie during their spring migration. White-fronts are a handsome, medium-sized goose with a gray-brown body, white on the forehead and base of the orange bill, and variable amount of black mottling on the belly.  It’s a treat to hear their distinctive, high-pitched klah-hah-luk call.