Featured Sanctuary Bird: Northern Flicker

This week's Friday Feathered Feature is the Northern Flicker - These handsome birds are popping up all over our Faville Grove Sanctuary! Though you might expect to find woodpeckers in a tree, they are often stirred up from the ground, foraging on ants and beetles. Their unusual, slightly curved beak helps dig up these little critters.

Ideal habitat for the Northern Flicker includes open habitats near trees, woodlands, yards and edges. The woods and mature trees at our Faville Grove Sanctuary near Lake Mills provides an excellent home for this woodpecker. If you would like to try your luck at viewing the beautiful Northern Flicker at Faville, they've been spotted around Prairie Lane near the land steward residence, or within the ledge savanna. Check out these locations on our Faville Google Map, or contact faville@madisonaudubon.org to plan a visit.