Featured Sanctuary Bird: Short Eared Owl

Short eared owl by Phil Brown

Short eared owl by Phil Brown

Every Friday, we're going to begin featuring birds on our Facebook pageand our website that you can see at our sanctuaries. Today's Friday Feathered Feature is the Short-eared Owl. Despite the snow, there are still 2-3 Short-eared Owls hunting at ourGoose Pond Sanctuary near Arlington.

To see these amazing owls in action, we suggest visiting Goose Pond's Kampen Road on a clear day before sunset - and visit soon! These grassland owls fly lower to the ground, and feed on small mamals - especially voles. Check out this map to see where the owls were spotted recently: http://goo.gl/maps/do6xI

For more information on Goose Pond sightings, contact Mark and Sue Foote-Martin at goosep@madisonaudubon.org, or 608-635-4160. Photo: Rich Armstrong. To see more birds of the sanctuaries, visit our archive.

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Photos by Daniel Dekeyser and Phil Brown