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Bluebird Surveys with Climate Watch

Join bird nerds and citizen scientists from around the country who are helping scientists study how climate change is impacting bird habitat through Climate Watch! Madison Audubon volunteers can help track climate change by conducting bluebird surveys between June 1-15, 2017. Learn more here!

And the best part? You get to spend the morning outside and looking at birds!

Joining is easy!

Step 1: Email Brenna to indicate you're interested.
Step 2: Pick out a survey square from the map we send you.
Step 3: Select 12 survey points within that square.
Step 4: Do a 5-minute point count at each spot one day between June 1-15.
Step 5: Email in your eBird checklists.

That's it! Get your friends, get outdoors, and get birding! And after the fun is over, you'll rest easy knowing your data are helping scientists understand how we can help our feathered friends during these times of change.

Photo by Patrick Ready