Bird Collision Corps

Spring 2018 Evaluations


Common yellowthroat, photo by Wilma Ross

Common yellowthroat, photo by Wilma Ross

Thank you so much for your time, dedication, and careful observations as part of the Bird Collision Corps project studying bird window strikes on the UW-Madison campus. We're working on analyzing the data now and will get back to you as soon as possible with preliminary results.

This was a pilot program, and we intend to run this program again during fall migration. We'd love your feedback on how to make this experience better! Thank you for your suggestions.

Program Evaluation

How many shifts per week were you scheduled to survey?
Campus Sector *
Check the sector(s) you were assigned to survey.
Did you find any stunned or dead birds during your surveys? *
Feedback *
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The training was helpful and provided the instruction I needed.
My assigned route was clearly described.
My assigned route was easily navigable.
Parking was not an issue near my assigned route.
The survey protocol was clear and do-able.
iNaturalist was easy to use for this program.
The program provided all the materials I needed to complete my surveys.
The number of surveys I was assigned per week was manageable for my schedule.
The time it took to complete each survey was manageable for my schedule.
The drop-off locations for DEAD birds were useful.
The drop-off process for INJURED birds was manageable.
Communications from the project coordinators was clear and helpful.
I'd be interested in participating again this fall.
Were you approached by building managers, building occupants, or passers-by inquiring about what you were doing? *
Have you participated in a citizen science program before? *



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Brenna Marsicek - Madison Audubon director of communications
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Banner photo by Ivan Lian