Bird Collision Corps Sign-Up Form


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Thank you for your interest in volunteering! The Bird Collision Corps is working on the UW-Madison campus to determine which buildings cause the highest rates of mortality for birds as a result of window collisions. Your time and energy is invaluable in understanding this question and collecting critical data.

To sign up as a volunteer, you'll need to do to things: 1) Fill out the form below, 2) Claim your weekly survey route, date, and time by clicking the link at the bottom.

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Survey Sectors you can choose from:

West Campus

  • Wisconsin Energy Institute

  • Microbial Sciences

  • Genetics-Biotechnology Center - box canyon on the north side only

South-Central Campus

  • Camp Randall - north side only

  • Engineering Hall - north side only

  • Discovery Building

Far West Campus

  • Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research - box canyon on the north side only

  • Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF)

  • Dejope Residence Hall

Central Campus

  • Nancy Nicholas Hall

  • Van Hise Hall

Downtown Campus

  • Pyle Center

  • Ogg Residence Hall - glass walkway only

  • Kohl Center

STEP 1: Fill out the form below

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If working in a pair or team, provide the following information for the "Captain"
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Is the device you'll collect data on via the iNaturalist app an iPhone or an Android? *
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NEXT: After you click SUBMIT, remember to click the link below to go to SignUpGenius to claim your survey sector/day/time. You can choose multiple, if you'd like! *

STEP 2: Click this link to claim your survey sector/day/time

Be sure to click this link to sign up for the set of buildings, day, and timeslot you'd like to survey. We ask that you sign up for AT MINIMUM TWO SHIFTS. You're welcome to sign up for more than two surveys per week if you'd like and your schedule allows!


STEP 3: Watch for a confirmation email

Finally, one of the project coordinators will follow up with you to confirm your participation. Thank you so much for your time and energy on helping with this project! If you have any questions, please contact Brenna Marsicek, Madison Audubon communications director, by phone (608-255-BIRD) or email (


Thank you!

Banner photo by Ivan Lian