Goose Pond Sanctuary

Madison Audubon Society’s first purchase was 60 acres with a house and buildings at Goose Pond in 1967. Significant acreage was added in the 1990s. Currently 660 acres are owned by the Society at Goose Pond (See these properties on the Guide to Birding in Columbia Co. brochure). More than 250 species of birds have been sighted at this prairie pothole, located 15 miles north of Madison. During spring and fall migration, thousands of waterfowl can be observed unless Goose Pond is experiencing drought conditions. Visitors are welcome at Goose Pond Sanctuary - get directions to the Sanctuary here.

Goose Pond is one of Wisconsin’s Watchable Wildlife Areas and a designated State Natural Area. The major focus at Goose Pond is wetland preservation and restoration and tall grass prairie restoration. To date, we have accomplished the following at our Goose Pond site:

  • One hundred acres of wetland habitat have been acquired or restored
  • Tall grass prairie has been restored on 400 acres of upland
  • Seven endangered and threatened plants species are being restored
  • Grassland birds such as sedge wrens and dickcissels have significantly increased
  • Northern harriers began nesting in 2009

To learn more about access to Goose Pond sanctuaries, please see our MAS Sanctuaries Public Use Policy

Goose Pond Sanctuary currently includes the following prairies:

  • Sue Ames Prairie 
  • Hopkins Road Prairie 
  • Ankenbrandt Prairie 
  • Browne Prairie
  • Lapinski-Kitze Prairie
  • Jill’s Prairie
  • Wood Family Prairie
  • Bicentennial Prairie

The restoration locations above can be seen on our Goose Pond Map. You can plan your visit using our Goose Pond Sanctuary birding brochure.

If you are visiting Goose Pond Sanctuary, please note that there are two addresses which are associated with the Sanctuary:

  • For tours, volunteering, and more, please visit the residence located at W7503 Kampen Road
  • To visit the shores of Goose Pond, our visitor's kiosk, and for most waterfowl watching opportunities, visit W7468 Prairie Lane

Both addresses are located in Arlington, WI 53911

Experience Goose Pond

Experience Goose Pond

Check out our short videos on two picturesque features of Goose Pond Sanctuary, Goose Pond and the tall grass prairies.

Goose Pond

The Empire Prairie

(includes all Goose Pond Sanctuary prairies)




Volunteers are the lifeblood of Madison Audubon. At our sanctuaries, they collect and plant rare prairie seeds, battle invasive species, and assist with managed prairie burns. If you would like to volunteer, please sign up for our email alerts via the volunteer page. For more information on volunteering at Goose Pond, contact our Goose Pond Resident Land Managers by email at or call us at 608-255-2473.